What is the difference between a Soap and Shampoo Bar

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One of the most asked questions I get is ‘What is the difference between a soap bar and a shampoo bar?’ The answer is nothing and everything. I know this was not the answer you wanted. Let me explain.

Shampoo bars and soap bars are made the same way but soap bars are made with ingredients that the skin loves and shampoo bars are made with ingredients that hair loves. So many of these ingredients are for both bath and hair. It is the combination and addition of some ingredients that make them different.

All my shampoo bars are great for to use as a soap bar and most of my soap bars can be used as shampoo. Soap bars that have pumice, flower pedals or coffee grinds would not be good to rub through you hair. In a pinch, you could use these bars as shampoo but you would need to rinse really good.

Having the bars be interchangeable is great for going on vacation – you only need to take one bar. I personally take Bye Bye Skeeter with me to use for my body and shampoo. It helps keep the inserts away. This bar is listed as a Soap bar. As a note, you can cut a full size bar into smaller pieces to take on vacation.

Some soap bars that are also good for your hair are Neem, Bye Bye Skeeter, Dead Sea Mud and Green Tea Lemongrass. Bars that I would not recommend for your hair are Coffee, Beach, Sandal Ready and Calendula.

The bottom line is that everyone is different and their skin and hair and what works good for some might not work for others. This is way I sell mini bars so that you can try a bar for small price before committing to a full size bar.

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