Sea and Clean uses pure oils, essential oils, clays, herbs, seeds, flowers, vegetables and fruits to provide skin care benefits, texture, color and scent.    It is just as important what you put on your skin as what you put into your body.

Base Oils     

Almond Oil - is obtained from the nut of the tree, which is native to Asia and the Mediterranean.  The oil has no scent and is a great nutrient for softening and conditioning the skin. It's been known to be especially suitable for eczema, itchy, dry and inflamed skin. It contributes to stable lather and conditioning. 

Apricot Kernel Oil – is a light but rich oil which is especially good for sensitive skin, as well as for skin that is inflamed or dry.  It is particularly helpful for dehydrated, delicate, mature or sensitive skin. 

Avocado Oil - nourishes and restores dry, dehydrated, and mature skin. This is a rich, heavy oil that is good for skin problems, especially eczema and psoriasis, respond to its high content of vitamins A and E.  For hair it is good for dandruff or heat damaged, it can lubricate strands.

Babassu Oil – is a big palm tree, native to Brazil.  Contributes to the soaps hardness and fluffy lather.   Beneficial for both dry and oily complexions, gently moisturizing the skin, especially suitable for eczema, itchy, dry and inflamed skin.  Hair benefits from its amazing conditioning and repairing properties. It helps with breakage due to an increase in elasticity, and shiny, voluminous hair.

Beeswax - is an emollient, soothing and softening properties and helps the skin retain moisture.  In hair care product it smooths down your flyaway hair.  I use a beeswax from a local bee farm – Hertitage Bee Farm, Dade City, Florida. 

Broccoli Seed Oil - in hair care products, promotes hair growth.   It strengthens hair follicles and helps make hair strong and silky smooth, while eliminating frizz.  

Canola Oil - contributes to stable lather, conditioning and produces a creamy lather.  In hair care it helps tame frizz.  It also moisturizes the scalp. 

Castor Oil - adds fluffy, stable lather, conditioning and moisturizing.  It is an excellent humectant, attracting and holding moisture to the skin. In hair products it provides a wonderful glide and lather.   

Coconut Oil - contributes to soap hardness and fluffy lather.   It is super cleansing that produces big, ample bubbles.  It will make a very hard, white bar of soap that lathers well even in very hard water - even in sea water.  It is an emollient, moisturizing, conditioning and protecting to the skin.  It is one of the best oils for hair, it promotes faster hair growth and detangle unruly hair.  

Eve Primrose Oil – is a lightweight oil that has been known to help dry, red or irritated skin because of its high content of fatty acids.

Hemp Oil   - is used for stable lather, conditioning, silky feel and softer soap.   It creates a silky bar of soap.  Fresh hemp seed oil has a yellow to green color.   This oil is particularly moisturizing for dry, damaged skin and for eczema and psoriasis.    For hair it provides extra body, elasticity and volume, buy retaining its natural moisture. It also increases softness and shine.   

Jojoba Oil - contributes to stable lather, conditioning and moisturizing.  It is said to be an excellent emollient for skin conditions like psoriasis or acne and has a chemical composition very close to the skin's own sebum.  Jojoba oil is easily absorbed by the skin and promotes silky smooth skin.   For hair, it conditions and hydrates, helps repair damaged to your hair.  Great for split ends, adds shine and softness.    

Neem Oil - This is a thick, dark colored oil. Neem seed oil is very bitter with a garlic/sulfur smell. Neem oil is excellent moisturizing oil.  It helps to restore moisture and elasticity to the skin while it disinfects and heals.  For hair it is perfect for frizzy and rough hair.   It is said to have the ability to treat a variety of skin disorders such as dandruff.

Olive Oil - contributes to soap hardness, stable lather, slippery feel, conditioning and moisturizing.  It attracts external moisture to your skin, helping to keep skin soft and supple.  It is used in soap for its incredibly creamy and mild lather with tiny bubbles.  Olive oil contains antioxidants that help detoxify the hair and help with breakage.

Palm Oil - Contributes to soap hardness and stable lather. It makes a hard bar that cleans well and is also mild.  The palm oil that I use is purchased from a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an organization that supports sustainable palm oil production.   

Palm Kernel Oil - makes a soap that is very hard and lathers well.

Pumpkin Seed Oil - has a nice light and smooth texture that penetrates well into the skin. It can be used to moisturize dry skin types. Its omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid content makes it a good moisturizing ingredient. It is good for any skin type, including oily and acne prone skin.

Rice Bran Oil - is moisturizing and is a good choice for mature, delicate or sensitive skin. 

Rosehip Oil- helps improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation. The astringent properties in rosehip oil help to tighten your pores and brighten your skin. 

Stearic Acid – is a vegetable derived waxy substance used to increase hardness. 

Sunflower Oil - contributes to stable lather, conditioning, silky feel and softer soap.  It produces a lather incredibly conditioning to the skin. It is a light oil comprised of gamma linllenic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid.  Because of its emollient properties, it has the ability to condition and soften the hair, thus, preventing breakage.


Aloe Vera Butter is a great conditioner and leaves your hair smooth and shiny.

Cocoa Butter - contributes to soap hardness, stable lather, conditioning and moisturizing.  It acts to lay down a protective layer which holds moisture to the skin.  Natural cocoa butter has a beautiful chocolate scent but it is also available in an unscented version.   It is thought to reduce skin dryness and work wonders for the skin. In hair care it is a good hair moisturizer; it is very effective against dry, itchy scalp. It restores moisture without clogging the pores on your scalp.  Cocoa butter stimulates the growth of hair follicles. Additionally, it increases hair thickness.

Coffee Butter Blend - contains between .5 – 1% natural caffeine - perfect for that extra pick-me-up! It has a natural coffee scent with a smooth and creamy feel.

Kokum Butter- is highly moisturizing, it helps heal dry and cracked skin.  It is rich in essential fatty acids, which softens the skin and helps promote elasticity.  Kokum Butter is perfect for stimulating the scalp for healthy hair growth.  It also supports and enhances hair elasticity.

Mango Butter - is extracted from the fruit kernels of the Mango tree. It is solid at room temperature but melts upon contact with the skin. It contains a very gentle ingredient and acts as a barrier to prevent skin drying.  It offers moisture to dry hair and adds sheen to damaged hair. 

Shea Butter - is solid at room temperature and known for its softening and moisturizing qualities. It offers moisture to dry hair and adds sheen to damaged hair.



Bentonite Clay -  for hair is highly absorbent and will help clarify your hair without making it feel dry or stripped of moisture. If you have curly hair that is typically dry it helps make your hair soft and supple.  It is a great moisturizer and conditioner. 

French Green Clay - draws out toxins and impurities, and contains skin-nourishing minerals such as calcium, potassium, silicon and copper.

Kaolin Clay (white and yellow) - is a fine and light clay that has natural absorbency properties. Since it has detoxifying effects, kaolin clay draws out impurities such as grime, dirt and pollution  from the pores.  For hair kaolin clay is ideal for the scalp since it gently exfoliates while stimulating circulation and cleansing. 

Rhassoul Clay - cleanses the skin and hair, gently exfoliate, and help absorb oil.  It especially is known for its absorbing properties and silky texture.  Reduces dryness in the hair while also removing product buildup. It improves hair’s elasticity and unblocks your scalp’s pores.  It reduces flakiness and aids in detangling.  It leaves your hair soft and moisturized.

Rose Clay - cleans and purifies the skin. It has mild exfoliating powers, helps to detoxify the skin by drawing impurities from pores.  Useful on normal, dry and sensitive skin, does not draw oils from the skin.

Sea Clay - is dark gray-green clay. It originated as mud laid down under the sea millions of years ago. This clay acts as a mild exfoliate.  It draws out impurities such as grime, dirt, pollution  from the pores.   

Herbs, Seed, Vegetables and Fruits

Alfalfa powder is a natural green color.   It improves complexion and the texture of the skin.  For hair it has nutrients that have been known to help baldness and prevent hair loss. 

Alkanet Root  - adds natural purple/gray color to soaps.

Aloe Vera Juice  -  is added for moisturizing and it contains vitamin B complex, folic acid, and vitamin C.  For hair, great conditioner and leaves your hair smooth and shiny. 

Annatto Seed - is a natural orange-red colorant. 

Avocado fresh will moisturize your skin and reduce any inflammation.  For hair, the natural oils and nutrients of avocado make it a great treatment for damaged and frizzy hair.   Some people claim that will add luster and shine to your hair. 

Banana  - is good for moisturizing dry skin  Bananas can keep the skin glowing and healthy and  can easily open the clogging skin pores and gives the glow to the face.   For hair bananas are a natural hair conditioner. It helps to control the itchy scalp and helps with the hair loss.

Carrots contain Vitamin C that aids the collagen production the body.  Collagen is a type of protein that is needed for the maintenance of the skin elasticity.  They also add a natural yellow/orange color to soaps. 

Cassia Obovata (Henna) - helps make damaged hair silky, thick, lustrous, and will help keep your scalp healthy.  Cassia will make bleached, damaged blond hair thick and silky.  People with blond and gray hair might notice a golden tinge.

Calendula Petals, organic – is soothing to sensitive and dry skin.  It has been used for centuries to enhance skin tone and appearance.  It is believed to moisturize dry, cracked skin.

Chamomile Buds, organic -  It is a natural cleanser.  It tightens the pores and soothes the skin.  In hair care it is natural brightener and soothes an itchy scalp. 

Chlorella Powder,organic  –  is a natural green color. 

Cocoa Powderis a natural brown color in soaps.

Coconut Milk can help improve the appearance and health of your skin as well. Since it is  loaded with Vitamin C, it helps to maintain skin elasticity and flexibility.  It is known to  prevent breakouts, but the oil and fats in the milk don’t clog pores.  It is an overall skin moisturizer.   For hair it is a natural moisturizer  restoring dry, damaged, weakened and brittle hair as well as split ends.   Acts as a natural detangler for your hair.

Coffee ground - provide pumice-like exfoliation, removing dead skin cells, and firming and toning skin.  Fresh brewed coffee and coffee grounds are known for being able to remove odors.   I use Manatee Gourmet Coffee®.  From the Manatee Gourmet Coffee:  The coffee with a cause.  A portion of the purchase goes to preserve and maintain our manatees.  See their website for more details -

Comfrey Lea, organic - possesses astringent properties, it works as a wonderful skin cleanser.  For hair, it restores sheen and conditions hair. 

Cranberry Seedsare used as a an exfoliate.  They are also used to add red dots to soap. 

Cucumber Fresh -  provides glowing skin and hydrates the skin.  It is known for smoothing and refreshing effect on the skin. For hair care, cucumbers make hair shiny and silky.    

Green Teacontains a high amount of antioxidants as well as enzymes, amino acids, and phytochemicals like polyphenols. It also has B vitamins, folate, manganese, potassium, magnesium and caffeine.   Green tea improves your skin complexion and makes your skin healthy.  For hair it helps with dry scalp and softening hair.

Horsetail, organic contains silica and minerals.  The silica content helps strengthen weak, brittle, damaged hair, giving it vitality and shine. 

Indigo Powder – natural blue/gray color in soaps.

Juniper Berries - although berry-like in appearance, are the fleshy cone of the juniper bush.  Ground up they are used as an exfoliate.  It has been suggested that juniper berries have anti-inflammatory properties. Topical application of juniper berries has also been suggested to relieve skin irritation such as acne, dandruff, and athletes foot.  They are added to our soap for their distinctive aroma that is woody, sweet, fresh and crisp.

Kelp Powderis a detoxifying ingredient.  It pulls out toxins from deep within the skin pores.  It reduces oily skin and unclogs pores, while moisturizing the skin. 

Lavender Buds Organic – is probably the most recognized herb for skin and hair care.  It’s smoothing scent is great for the mind and body.  For skin it is good for acne, eczema, burns, tired muscles and a toner.  For hair, it helps hair loss and dandruff and a great conditioner. 

Lemongrass - helps with acne and is a great insect repellent.  For hair it is said to help with hair loss. 

Maddar Root Powder – a natural pink/mauve colorant in soaps. 

Mango –  have the ability to reduce dark spots, blemishes and acne, thus imparting a natural glow to your skin.  Mangos condition hair and promotes hair growth. 

Marshmallow Root Organic  - is great for hair care products because it is a natural detangler.  It softens the hair naturally, promotes hair growth and provides natural shine to hair.

Nettle Leave Organic – helps reduce redness and itching and helps improve irritated skin conditions.  For hair, nettle helps to thickens hair and helps to make hair shinier and healthier.  It is known to help with hair loss by stimulating the scalp and improving circulation. 

Oatmeal, colloidal - creates a barrier against the skin The hydrated granules of oatmeal adhere to the surface of the skin and provide a film attracting humidity and reducing friction. This product is great for sensitive or irritated skin. Oatmeal has a history to soften and smooth irritated skin.  Ground oatmeal is a gentle exfoliate that removes dead cells and stimulates circulation.

Paprika – is a natural orange/red color in soaps. 

Parsley- is a natural green color in soaps.

Peppermint leaves  - will energize and refresh the senses.  Peppermint does have a cooling sensation and can be tingle sensitive areas.  Also a natural green colorant. 

Pumpkin – is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene which help in maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin.  It makes skin soft and supple. 

Pumice - is a natural exfoliate which is made up of volcanic ash.

Rooibos Tea Organiccontains alpha-hydroxy acids and zinc, which are two compounds that encourage healthy skin.  Rooibos is loaded with minerals like zinc, calcium and potassium that not promote hair growth while strengthening hair roots and add brilliant shine. 

Rose hip powder  - are the fruit produced by roses at the end of the growing season and are loaded with vitamin C. Vitamin C stimulates the collagen production in the skin.  It helps improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation. The astringent properties in rosehip help to tighten your pores and brighten your skin.  It is also a natural rose/brown color in soaps. 

Rose Pedals Organic - helps  lock moisture into the skin, keeping the skin feeling smooth.  Rose is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin due to the sugars in the petals create a smooth feeling.  Rose has a beautiful aroma that will create calmness. 

Rosemary leave, organic for  hair it is good for thinning and brittle hair, Generally believed to show down premature hair loss and gray hair.  Helps with dryness and is an excellent conditioner. 

Spinach powder - a natural green color in soaps.  It also is rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants, and Vitamins A, C, E, K, B2, and B6.

Spirulina -  is a natural green color in soaps.  It is a type of oceanic algae that contains large concentrations of vitamins and minerals, including the B complex vitamins.

Tomato Powder  - is a natural red color in soaps.  Tomato Powder contains lycopene which is thought to improve skin texture.

Turmeric - is a natural yellow color in soaps.  It also adds mild exfoliation and antioxidant properties.   

Vanilla Bean Specks -  adds brown specs to soap. 

Yellowdock Root Powder Organicis a natural pink color in soap. 

Other Natural Items

Activated Charcoal  - is from hard woods (a renewable resource). It is used it to make black and gray colors in soap.  Activated charcoal draws dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion.

Apple Cider Vinegar, organic - is cleansing and clarifying, it will help in removing build up of hair products.  Some even say that is gives them a glossy, healthy appearance.

BeerAll the vitamins in beer are good for acne and increasing natural skin shine.  For hair, the hops and malt make hair more healthy and act as an exceptional ingredient for hair growth. 

Borax- in laundry detergent improves cleaning power, helps to remove tough stains, and deodorize and freshen.  It is also naturally softens hard water. 

BTMS 25 and BTMS 50 - are a vegetable based conditioning emulsifier. It can be used to make hair conditioners.  It leaves hair tangle-free and feeling silky smooth.

Cetyl Alcohol  - is an emollient wax.  It helps thicken and stabilize.

Citric Acid - This might sound scary, but citric acid is used in many food products. It is used as both a flavor enhancer and a preservative ingredient.

Cornstarchis added to soaps to help anchor the essential oil scent. 

Dead Sea Mineral Mud - removes toxins and impurities from the skin and tightens and tones the complexion.  For hair, helps your scalp and hair from drying out.  It strengthens hair and is very effective in stopping excess oiliness and develops shiny hair. 

Glycerin - retain moisture in the skin and thus nourishes dry skin

Goat Milk - makes a creamy lather.  It contains selenium and is loaded with vitamins, particularly vitamin A, great for the skin. It contains lactic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid. It assists to gently slough off dead skin cells and helps to hydrate and brighten the skin.

Honey   is a natural humectant, it  attracts moisture.  It also soothes and hydrated your skin.  It is one of the best humectants to leave the skin soft.  Honey is great for dry or damaged hair, leaving it shinier and feeling softer. 

Honeyquat - a powerful humectant that is derived from real honey.

Lavender Matt Ultramarine -  a purple/lavender colorant. 

Maple Syrup- The sugar in maple syrup aids in adding lather to soap.

Matt Orchid Ultramarine  - a purple/lavender colorant.        

Matt Teal Green Pigment -  a green/teal colorant. 

Matt Woodland Green Pigment  - a green colorant.

Molassesfor hair it adds softness and sheen.  Good for strengthening hair. 

Orange Waxit isn’t waxy in the slightest. In fact, it feels a lot like water on the skin. Orange wax is the wax pressed from orange peels, and it smells like the juiciest of oranges. It gives a deep reddish-orange hue to products. 

Red oxide  - a red colorant

Salt - Salt Hiwa Kai- Salt Pink Himalayan- Sea Salt fine helps relieve itchy skin while removing the dry flaky & scaly patches of skin. 

Silk Peptideis a natural moisturizing benefit for the skin.  They are easily absorbed to help kin soak it up and retain it.  It is also know to protect the skin from dehydration.   In hair care, helps to improve elasticity and increase shine.  It adds a silky feel.

Sugar white – is added to soap to increase lather. 

Ultramarine Blue - a blue colorant. 

Wheat Protein Hydrolyzed - thickens and add volume to thinning hair, add shine and manageability, and repair damaged hair

Yogurt - contains lactic acid that helps remove dead skin cells making the skin fell refreshed. It also makes the bar creamy.

Zinc Oxidenatural white color in soaps. 

Essential Oils - Are added for their benefits and aroma. 



Anise Star  


Bay Rum



Bitter Almond

Carrot Seed

Cedarwood Himalayan



Clary Sage

Clove -

Eucalyptus Lemon


Fir Needle           




Grapefruit Pink


Jamarosa Root

Juniper Berry






Litsea Cubeba

Marjoram Sweet



Orange Sweet  



Pepper Black






Tea Tree  



Ylang Ylang       


Sodium Hydroxide – is used to make bar soap.  When sodium hydroxide is mixed with a liquid, a lye solution is created. This solution, when mixed with fats and oils, will cause a chemical reaction called saponification. The result of saponification is beautiful handmade soap bar.  Once the process is complete, the lye and oil molecules have combined and have chemically changed into soap and glycerin. Therefore, there is no sodium hydroxide present in the finished bars of soap.

Potassium Hydroxide– see sodium hydroxide.  It is used in liquid and cream soaps.