A New Item...Hair Conditioner Bar

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New Item – Hair Conditioner Bar

This is the item that has been asked for the most.  And, after a long time testing and changing the ingredients I am finally happy to have it for sale.

I started making and testing the Hair Conditioner Bar about two years ago.  I would make a batch, and then test.  I had never used a bar for conditioner before and when I applied it I was doing it the same as bottled conditioner.  Slather a bunch all over my hair, let it set awhile and rinse.  When I did this with each bar I tested my hair was very soft, very manageable and very limp.  I felt it was over conditioned.    I would then change the formula and start testing again. 

It was not until my 998th batch that it finally dawned on me that I was doing this all wrong.  At least wrong for me!  I had been using very little to no conditioner since I started using natural shampoo bars, most of the time I just used my Citric Acid Rinse.  I was using too much.   Then I started testing by just rubbing the bar between my hands and just applying what was on hands to my hair.  Much better.  So Much Better.  My hair was soft, tangle free, moisturized, but no longer limp.

Some of my testers said that they needed to apply by gliding the bar all over hair to achieve the conditioner needed.  One said that she glides the bar only on the ends.  This goes to show you that there are many ways to use it.  You will need to find what works for you.  Whether it is a little, medium or a lot!  I can say that this bar will last for a long, long time. 


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