All About Shampoo Bars

Sea and Clean’s Shampoo Bars are made from vegetable and fruit oils, along with herbs, flower, seeds and fruits to provide care for your hair.  Each bar is made with a different blend of ingredients to benefit your hair.   Try each one to find your favorites. 


What is the difference between a soap bar and a shampoo bar?
Soap bars have skin loving ingredients and shampoo bars have hair loving ingredients.  Shampoo bars have a higher percent of oils that produce more lather.   But some bars are exchangeable.  I often use my Neem Oil Soap bar on my hair, but I would not use Sandal Ready or Calendula, since they have additives that I would not want in my hair.  When I go on vacation, I only bring one shampoo bar and use it for both hair and body.
How to use a Shampoo Bar
Wet hair.  Take the bar and rub it between your hands to start the lather.  Rub the bar or the lather on your hair.  Be sure that you really get a good lather.  Use your fingertips and massage your scalp and rinse well.  Repeat if you like. You might need a vinegar (or citric acid rinse).  See below for more details.  Dry and style your hair. You can wash your hair with natural shampoo every day.
Adjustment period for Shampoo Bars
The hard part of the changing to using shampoo bars is finding the right way for you.  Everyone is different.  My factors come into play. 
First of all, shampoo bars do not strip away your natural oils.  It might take time to transition before your hair is rid of the chemicals and residues from your prior hair products.  Please, do not give up after a week.  It took me about 3 weeks to see and feel the benefits.  There were a few days of not very nice hair days! 
Do I need to use a conditioner?
You will probably find that after using a shampoo bar and rinse that you no longer need to use conditioner.  Since my hair is dry and wavy I find I still, at times, the need to use a conditioner.  But, instead of a hand full I now use less that a dime size and I do not rinse it out.   You will need to experiment to find your perfect hair care. 
What about a vinegar rinse?
Many factors account for whether not use you need a rinse.  If you have hard water you will need a rinse.  If you find that your hair tangles easy you will need a rinse.  After using the shampoo bar, your hair might feel different.  Some describe it like feeling like straw or just sticky.  This is because the alkaline level of your hair is raised causing the shaft of your hair to stick out which causes tangles and the feeling that your hair is sticky together.  For some people this ‘feeling’ will go away when your hair dries.  For the rest of us we need to do use an acidic rinse.  An acidic rinse will help close the hair cuticle and prevent tangling.  You can use vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid. 
Mix about 1 tablespoon of vinegar (I prefer to use apple cider vinegar) or lemon juice in 1 cup of water.  Pour the mixture over your hair.  You can rinse or leave in.  If using vinegar, the smell will go away when your hair dries.  You will need to experiment how often you need to use a rinse. 
You can also use my Hair Rinse; it is made with citric acid and herbs to help with tangles and adds shine. 
Hair Rinse is found here:
How does hard water affect using Shampoo Bars?
If you have extremely hard water, you might not adjust to shampoo bars.   You can get a water filter on your shower head or use a vinegar rinse (see above) to adjust for the hard water.  
Can I use if I have colored or perm my hair?
Yes.  My shampoo bar will not strip your hair as fast as commercial shampoos.    Everyone’s hair is different; I suggest that you do a strand test to find out how your color will react.