Dishwashing Cube - Solid Dish Soap

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Dishwashing Cube

Let's all reduce the amount of plastic we use by using a Dishwashing Cube. A solid bar used for dishwashing is very common Central and South America along with Europe. 

Solid dish soap. Lather up a damp sponge, brush or wash cloth on the Dishwashing Clube and use it to clean your dishes. You can also use it for your counter tops, tile and your stove top. Let hot water run on it to lather up your dish water. Allow to fully dry between uses. It has a slight orange scent.

This will last a long time, from a month and maybe up to six months. 

Plastic Free
Paraben free
Septic safe, grey water safe
Made without palm oil
Eco Friendly

 Item Size:  4.5 oz.   Bars are wrapped in paper, no plastic.

To Use: Swipe your wet sponge, brush or dish cloth on the top of the bar to gather lather. Or you can pick up the bar and rub it in your dish cloth. Wash dishes as normal and rinse. You can also use to clean stovetops, tile and countertop.
Place Dish Washing Cube on a soap dish or other elevated platform to keep the bottom drained and dry between uses.


Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sodium Coco Sulfate, D-Limonene, Water, Washing Soda (sodium carbonate), Germall Plus Liquid 
Due to the handmade nature the shape, weight and coloring may vary from picture.

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