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Yes, just beeswax in a convenient tin container.  Every home needs this on hand.  It has so many uses.  This small container will last you a long time. 

Size:  0.6 oz. in a tin container.

The many uses of beeswax for your home:

  • Wood Lubricant.  Rub beeswax on sliding glass doors, windows or drawers that tend to stick to restore smooth movement. Beeswax is also a fantastic lubricant for oiling very old furniture joints.

  • Zippers moving smoothly.  Apply to zippers that are stuck or not moving smoothly.

  • Waxed Thread.  Plain thread can be rubbed against a cube of bee’s wax, coating the thread in the wax.  The wax on the thread provides lubrication that can make sewing easier.  It will also make threading the needle easier.

  • Prevent Rust.  Coat things like hand tools, cast iron pieces and shovels to prevent them from rusting out. You can even rub beeswax on the wooden handle of your shovel to help protect against wear and tear.

  • Coating Nails & Screws.  Once you coat your nails and screws with beeswax, they do not splinter the wood while you hammer them in.

  • Conditioner for wood bowls and cutting boards. 

  • To fill seams between pieces of slate when setting up a pool table.

  • To water proof boots and saddles.

  • Wax fly fishing lines so they float.

  • As a wood filler.

  • As a polish for shoes

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