Clean Face Cleansing Grains - Green for Oily and Combo Skin

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Clean Face Cleansing grains are a powdered facial cleanser. Made from clays, grains, herbs, and other beneficial ingredients that combine to cleanse and exfoliate. Leaving your face glowing. It is best to use on a makeup free face.
Because it is in powered form it is great for traveling.  

Green - for oily to combo skin   

  • Kaolin Clay known as the gentlest clay. It does not dry out your skin or strip skin of its natural oils. 

  • Sea Clay - attaches to oil and impurities on the skin to eliminate them and leave skin feeling cleansed and balanced.

  • Brown Rice Flour – used as gentle exfoliants to remove dead skin cells
    Oatmeal - boost skin moisture and improve skin texture. 

  • Kelp Powder - tightens the skin cells.

  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate – is made from the fatty acids in coconut oil. It provides gentle foam.

»Item Size

2.25 oz. Nt. Wt. in a re-sealable bag. The bag is made from 100% certified compostable materials - Eco friendly. No Plastic!
4.0 oz. Nt. Wt. in a tin can. Eco friendly. No Plastic!


To Use:
Add about a teaspoon in the palm of your hand or in a small bowl. Add a few drops of water. Mix. Add more drops of water to create a spreadable paste-like consistency. Appy to face and massage gently. Avoid your eye area. Rinse with warm water. Can be used daily. Use in the AM or PM.

Kaolin Clay, Sea Clay, Brown Rice Flour Organic, Oatmeal Organic, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sunflower, Kelp Powder Organic

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