Dry Body Brush

  • $7.75

Dry Brushing is a centuries-old pre-bathing ritual believed to have been first used in ancient Greece, and later in the bath houses of Turkey, Russia, and Scandinavia. The main benefit of regularly dry brushing is detoxing.  Dry brushing has countless health benefits.  It is a fantastic gentle way to start your day.  

This listing is for one boar bristle contour body brush.  It has been ergonomically designed.   Handle is made from smooth pine wood.

How to use a Dry Brush:

It is best to dry brush in the shower (before turning water on) so cleaning the fallen skin cells will be easier. Start at your feet. Brush up in short strokes as you move up your legs. Next your arms, stomach, chest and bottom. Always brush toward your heart. Taking 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Follow with a shower to wash off the dead skin cells. After drying off follow up with a moisturizer. Try my Lotion Bars:

Dry Brush daily or weekly, it is up to you!

Don’t press too hard on the skin. Your skin should never be red or feel raw after brushing; it might be slightly pink though. Use less pressure if you notice that it is starting to hurt in certain sensitive areas. Dry brushing is not meant to be considered a medical treatment.

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