Coffee Soap Bar - no scent added

  • $2.00

Coffee Soap has the scent of coffee and a hint of chocolate, what can be better?  This bar is made for use at the kitchen sink; use it to move odors such as garlic and onion from your hands. 

The bar has a scent of coffee and chocolate, even with no essential oils added. 

  • Coffee - provide pumice-like exfoliation, removing dead skin cells, and firming and toning skin.  Fresh brewed coffee and coffee grounds are known for being able to remove odors. 

  • Pumice - is a natural exfoliate which is made up of volcanic ash.

  • Sunflower Oil - contributes to stable lather, conditioning, silky feel and softer soap.  

Item Size
One Full size - 4.5 - 4.8 oz.,  3.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches, uniquely shaped to fit in your hand
Mini - 1.0 oz.
Coconut oil, Fresh brewed coffee, Olive oil, Palm oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Sunflower oil, Coffee grounds, Coffee Butter Blend, Palm Kernel, Pumice, Organic Cocoa powder.

Due to the handmade nature the shape, weight and coloring may vary from picture.

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